Heart of the Lotus Sangha

The Heart of the Lotus Sangha practices Vipassana, or Insight, meditation and is affiliated with The Mountain Stream Meditation Center of Nevada City.  We welcome people of all ages and persuasions.

Meetings are Tuesday 6:30-8:15 p.m.

The Heart of the Lotus Sangha was started in 2002 ago by Tracy McDonald at the suggestion of our root teacher, John Travis.  Since 2011, we have been a peer led group, with leadership rotating among a pair of members each six months. Once a month we are joined by guest teacher Heather Sundberg, who is associated with Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and gives dharma talks to the group. Her recent teachings to our sangha have been on cultivating the Brahma Viharas– patience, loving kindness, compassion, and appreciative joy.

A typical evening would look something like this: we are settled in the meditation hall by 6:30 and, after singing the refuge chant, meditate for 30 minutes.  Then a 10-15 minute tea and socializing break.  When we gather again we are led in a discussion of the current text we are studying by one of the sangha members.  We close with metta, or lovingkindness, meditation.  The first Tuesday of the month is silent night, giving us a chance for a mini-retreat.  We do sitting meditation for 30 minutes, walking meditation for 20 minutes, and close with a second 30 minute sit.  Meditation instruction is offered at any of our meetings; it’s a good idea the let the leader know you would like specific instructions if you are new to the group.

We also offer quarterly daylong retreats. John Travis, head teacher at the Mountain Stream Meditation Center, has led several such retreats in the past.