Q: How Can I Participate in Meditation Groups?
A: You don’t have to be a member. Just show up at the time shown on the Calendar. You may want to call the contact number for the particular group you are attending prior to coming.Q. Are there meditation classes at Sky Creek Dharma Center?
A. Newcomers are always welcome to any of the groups. Ask for an orientation; someone will be happy to help you. If you would like individual meditation instructions please call the Center at (530)893-8088 to arrange an appointment. There is no cost, but donations to help support the center are welcome.

Q. What does it cost to participate in events at Sky Creek Dharma Center?
A. There is generally no fee for weekly meditation groups. However, donations are encouraged and help keep the Center open. We encourage–but do not require–people who attend on a regular basis to join the Sustaining Sangha ┬áby making a monthly membership pledge. Other events such as workshops or retreats may require a fee. If this is the case the fee will be indicated in the description for the event in the Calendar. To learn on how to give to the center, Click Here.

Q. Can I use the Center for my event?
A. We hope that you will consider using Sky Creek Dharma Center for your group meeting, wedding, retreat, or other event. Please read the use guidelines. Call 893-8088 or email casi@skycreekdharmacenter.org to discuss arrangements and fees.

Q. What is the difference between the various types of meditation, such as Zen and Vipassana?
A. All Buddhist practices share a common core of principles and techniques. There are sometimes differences in which aspects are emphasized. You encouraged to investigate this question on your own by attending meditation meetings with groups of each tradition. When you find a practice that is the best fit for your needs you are encouraged to make a commitment to that practice. Ultimately all roads lead to the same destination. To learn more about our meditation groups, see the list under the “Meditation Groups” tab on this website.

Q. Where can I learn more about Buddhism?
A. Come to events at Sky Creek Dharma Center; we have an excellent library and many knowledgeable members. Retreats at the Center are led by ordained monks or nuns or by teachers of many years experience and meditation practice. You can find brochures and newsletters from other Dharma centers in California here, giving you the information you need to connect with them and attend their retreats. Also there is an excellent collection of free articles on the web; see the list under the “Links” tab on this website.

Q. Is Spiritual Counseling Available at the Center?
A. Among the participants in our groups there are quite a few counselors and medical practitioners; you may meet someone for whom you feel an affinity. Group leaders may agree to meet with you occasionally if you ask them. In Zen practice there is a tradition of a weekly meeting, called “Dokusan”, between a student and a Zen teacher. Dedicated practitioners will find opportunities to arrange for such a meeting if they desire.