Use Guidelines


  • Have someone arrive early!  Each group that uses the Center has different needs.  To ensure that all is as you wish it to be for your event, an early arrival by one or two folks is prudent.

As part of your agreement with the Center, we ask that guests:

  • Refrain from the use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs while using the Center
  • Restore all use areas to the configuration and condition in which you found them.  (For daylong or multiple day events, it may be helpful to identify set-up and clean-up volunteers in advance.)
  • Unplug any electrical appliances used, clean and put away dishes
  • Turn off heat or air conditioning
  • Relock all doors and replace the key in the designated “lock box”


  • Our kitchen is well stocked with basic pots, pans and utensils, as well as dishware and flatware for at least 20-30.  If your group may be larger, you may want to check our inventory ahead of time.
  • We ask that you do not cook any meat at the center; your guests are welcome to bring any prepared food of their choice.
  • We ask that you leave the kitchen as you found it – or in improved condition!
  • The refrigerator is available for your use, but PLEASE NOTE – items left after the event may be discarded.
  • Please help yourself to the teas and condiments you will find on hand, as well as the disposable paper products.  If it seems good to do, please consider placing a contribution for supplies in our Kitchen Dana bowl.


  • The Lotus Room at the south end of the Center has its own bathroom and entrance.  It is regularly used by meditation and/or study groups.

If you are hosting an event that overlaps, please ask your group/attendees to be mindful of the nature and impact of activities during those times.  A respectful quiet is appreciated.