1. Check our online calendar to see if your dates/times are available.
    • NOTE: If there is another event booked by a meditation or study group, you may still book the rest of the Center for a daylong or weekend event. However, we ask you to please be mindful of the nature and impact of your activities during those times of overlap. A respectful quiet is most appreciated. Approval of your event will be based on size and compatibility.
  2. Choose which room or areas of the Center you need. If you are unfamiliar with the Center, we encourage you to schedule a visit before you finalize your plans.
  3. Review and share our SCDC Use Guidelines with your group and/or facilitators. Please consider including the guidelines in any materials you supply to attendees. The maximum capacity in the Buddha Hall (our primary meditation hall) is 45 people.
  4. Review our Booking Fees
  5. Complete the Booking Request Form online

Once your request is processed and your date approved, SCDC will:

  • Call or email you to confirm.
  • If your event is public, we can:
    • Post your event – with the details and description you provide on your Booking Request – on the calendar on our website.
    • Send event information to the Dharma Center email list
    • Make a facebook event page for your event
    • Post your event on various local online calendars (Enterprise Record, Chico News & Review, Lotus Guide) if it is open to the public.